Gillespie for District 7


I truly appreciate you taking out the time to visit my website.  I’m excited that you are here exploring this opportunity to get acquainted with me, my goals, desires and aspirations for this great city of Memphis.  I love Memphis, and only want to see “her” flow focused and driven as the river that flows pass her banks heading to an ocean of endless boundaries and possibilities.  I look forward to hearing from you, so that we may exchange ideas that can move our city to a glimmering future. 

I’m a lifelong citizen of Memphis.  Many opportunities have come my way that could have pulled me away from this city, but when you truly have a love for someone or something it becomes a part of you and what makes you who you are, and you become steadfast and unmovable.  My roots and my foundation are within the boundaries of District 7.  I’ve witnessed so many of the changes that have affected not only this district, but this city – some good and some bad; nevertheless, we yet stand as a city. 

I often share stories of my childhood, when downtown was truly the pulse of this city, and when the residents of North Memphis, Frayser and Raleigh were all afforded the privileges of major retail shopping and other services within the confines of their communities.  Our past leadership has allowed many things to hurt the core of the city, but because we yet stand and have not been destroyed we have a solid foundation to build upon, to grow and create community pride – not only for our immediate future, but for generations to come.  The climate is right to create an atmosphere of love for this city.

Please take a few more minutes and explore my site, and see what I’ve done for most of my adult life to help others within District 7, and throughout Memphis and Shelby County.  Helen Keller once stated that “when we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another”.  I’ve been giving my very best to this community for over 20 years, and trying to create miracles in the lives of others, and I’m not finished yet!  I need your input and your support to make me your new City Council Representative; so that I can help others see value in loving Memphis and helping others. 

I thank you for your support, and I desire your prayers as I venture into this new God appointed chapter of my life.  I want to be your voice as Memphis flows into new ventures and unchartered waters.  I want to close with a statement I often share with others who don’t share a true love for Memphis – “Before Atlanta was the “buzz word” of the South, Memphis was and will be again.  Some older homes might not look good on the surface, but because the “bones” of the home are good it can be restored to its previous glory”.  

Loving Memphis,


A Message From Erskine Gillespie